Stride & Ride 


Parishioners, lay leaders, and clergy from Christ The King, Salfords took to the roads of Surrey last weekend walking, bicycling, and horse riding as part of the Church of England’s annual sponsored “Stride & Ride” event. This takes place in most counties and in Surrey aims to raise money for the Surrey Churches Preservation Trust for distribution to churches in need.  After a  brief stop at Emmanuel Church, Sidlow Bridge  and a visit to St. St Bartholomew’s in Leigh, the party made its way to Christ Church Brockham where they were joined by the mounted riders (pictured) and then went on to explore the historic bell tower at St. Michael’s Betchworth before returning to their home church of Christ the King Honeycrock Lane, Salfords. 
Pictured from left to right:  Revd Doug Ross, Hazel Weaver, Tony Lindell, Sian McIntosh, Stuart Norton, Steve White  and  Liz Ross together with our equine friends  Carlos and Guaso.