Guidelines for people attending Sunday 10.00am Said Mass.

Attendance by booking only - contact to book

(Please note that there will be no hymns or singing of responses)

The following code must be adhered to:

  1. Do not come to Church if you are displaying any Covid symptons (high temperature, persistent cough or loss of sense or smell).
  2. A record of those entering for worship will be kept and these names will be passed on to the Track and Trace teams if necessary.
  3. Although not compulsory, it is advisable to cover your nose and mouth with a face covering, if possible.
  4. Enter by the main door.  If there are people in front of you, please allow them time to sanitise their hands and move to their seat before entering.
  5. Use the available hand sanitiser on entry.
  6. Place Collection Money and Envelopes on the tray by the font.
  7. Use the pews allocated (Service Booklets and sheet will indicate available seating) and no more than two to a pew, unless there is a family ‘bubble’ or a couple. If you are the first in a pew, please go right in so people do not need to go past you.
  8. The President will distribute the bread after the blessing.  This is to reduce movement in and out of pews and to ensure social distancing is maintained. Distribution will be from the sanctuary step, into your outreached hand. Starting from the front right pew, leave one at a time, sanitising your hands from the sanitiser on the front pew. The front left  pew will be the next to exit. Once you have received the bread, leave by the Fire Door into the car park.
  9. Candles are able to be lit from the votive candle in the blue glass by Mary.
  10. The toilet will be available for use if absolutely necessary.  Distancing will be difficult if people are getting in and out of the pews.  If you do need to use the facilities, please wipe the seat, tap and door handle with the available sanitised wipes and wash your hands using a paper towel for drying. Put both the wipe and paper towel in the pedal bin before leaving
  11. We thank you for your assistance in keeping everyone safe as we begin to open our Church again.  As time goes by we hope to be able to reduce some of the restrictions and these guidelines will be reviewed regularly.